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Peace | Eco-Luxe

Embrace the calmness of our captivating "Peace" fragrance - a transcendent blend that soothes your soul and transports you to a state of perfect tranquility. Let the alluring fusion of cardamom and citrus uplift your spirit, as the sacred notes of palo santo and saffron fill your space with a sense of grounding. As the fragrance deepens, the comforting embrace of sandalwood and amber creates a serene ambiance, guiding you towards a profound sense of inner peace.

Poured by hand in small batches in our Eco-Luxe bamboo vessels, this truly is The Candle Mother Earth would buy: a harmonious blend of sustainability, luxury, and irresistible fragrance. Crafted with a passion for the planet and your well-being, this candle embodies the perfect fusion of nature and innovation, elevating your ambiance while leaving a lighter footprint on the Earth.

Mini - 6 oz | 24 hour burn time

Medium - 9 oz | 36 hour burn time

Massive - 16 oz | 64 hour burn time

Due to the nature of bamboo, color and sizes are approximate and will vary slightly from product to product.

Size: Mini
Style: Classic

Making Fragrance a Conversation Piece

Inspired by personal recollections and cultural trends, each candle is designed to remind us of stories worth sharing.

Small Batch

Eco-frriendly Packaging

Women Owned

Family Owned

Ethically Sourced

Low Enviromental Impact


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