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Our Story

In the urban jungle of Bogota, Colombia is where the seed was planted for candle innovation. As bamboo grows abundantly in Colombia, the idea was passed down to the head of our founder Renata: then a single mother of two with one on the way.

Many moons and losses turned to lessons later, in 2020, our candle business journey once again flourished in the most humble of places – the garage of our very own home with the same people: Renata and her sons.

With a multiple-decade-long passion for creating candles rooted in our home country Colombia and a commitment to sustainability, we set out on a path to craft candles that would not only illuminate spaces but also ignite a positive change for our planet.

We embrace the art of candle-making with passion and precision, pouring our hearts and souls into every creation. The result? A one-of-a-kind candle brand that exudes elegance, consciousness, and sustainability.

Our Mission

We at Panthera Candleworks have made it our mission to achieve the highest standards in our industry by making sustainable candles to inspire change and illuminate the hearts of many.

Our candles are more than just wax and wick; they are a representation of our unwavering commitment to Mother Earth. Each candle is carefully crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring that it emanates a warm glow that not only illuminates spaces but also spreads a message of environmental and personal consciousness.

Today, we invite you to join us in our pursuit of a greener world, one candle at a time. Together, let's light up lives and illuminate the path towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

A letter from our Founder

My name is Renata, and my story is one of resilience, determination, and a burning passion for making a difference. I was born and raised in the vibrant city of Bogotá, Colombia. Life wasn't always easy, but I held on to the hope of a brighter future for myself and my three precious boys. In 2006, I made the courageous decision to leave my homeland and venture to the United States in search of better opportunities.

Arriving in a foreign land with dreams in my heart and determination in my soul, I faced the challenges of being a single mother in a new country. It was no easy feat, but I knew I had to step up to provide the best life possible for my children. Education was the key, so I decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Business Administration.

As I immersed myself in my studies, my mind was always filled with the idea of someday having my own business. Little did I know that my passion for making candles, something I loved doing in my spare time, would play a pivotal role in shaping my destiny.

Candle-making became my refuge—a way to escape the trials and tribulations of life while creating something beautiful that illuminated the lives of others. The flickering flames of hope within each candle I crafted mirrored the flame of hope that burned within my heart. I knew that, one day, I would take the leap and follow my dream of starting my own candle business.

And then, the world was engulfed in the darkness of a pandemic. The uncertainty and fear that gripped us all during those challenging times were unprecedented. It was in that moment that I realized the power of candles to bring solace, comfort, and light during the darkest of times.

With my heart and mind aligned, I knew it was time to turn my passion into a purpose-driven business. Armed with my Business Administration degree and an unwavering belief in my abilities, I took the leap and founded my very own candle brand.

From the humble beginnings of my garage, my candle business journey took flight. I poured my love and dedication into each candle, infusing them with the essence of hope and sustainability. Inspired by the bamboo forests of my homeland, I created biodegradable bamboo candles, a symbol of my commitment to the environment and a greener planet.

As a single mother, entrepreneur, and dream-chaser, every step of this journey has been fueled by love—for my children, for the art of candle-making, and for the planet we call home. My candles are not just products; they carry a piece of my heart and the hopes of illuminating the lives of those who welcome them into their homes.

I invite you to join me in this illuminating journey, where dreams are realized, and hope burns eternal. Together, we can create a brighter world, one candle at a time. Thank you for being a part of my story, and for letting my candles light up your life.

-Renata N


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